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Ägyptische Botschaft Konsulatsbereich in Berlin

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  • In order for Egyptian nationals to receive consular services at any Egyptian consular mission abroad, there is a prerequisite that they should be registered at the mission closest to their location. Registration can be done by reporting to the mission in person or by mail.
  • Registration is free of charge if done within a period not exceeding six months from the date of arrival within the area of jurisdiction of the competent consular mission .

Main consular Services to Egyptian nationals:

  • Consular missions issue, renew and add data to passports. In case an Egyptian national is deported from the host country, the consular mission would issue a special travel document.
  • Consular missions issue and legalize all documents relevant to marriage, divorce, birth and decease occurring among Egyptian nationals resident in the host country.
  • The Egyptian Government undertakes the expenses of the repatriation of Egyptians deceased abroad for burial in their motherland in case there is a proof of the financial inability of the deceased relatives to bear those expenses. Such proof is obtainable from the Ministry of Social Affairs in Egypt.
  • Consular missions perform legalizations of documents issued by Egyptian authorities or local authorities in the host country. In addition, they perform legalizations of powers of attorney and authentication of signatures of Egyptian nationals abroad.
  • Upon request, consular missions follow up on criminal and judicial cases to protect the interests of Egyptian nationals within the framework of the relevant laws and regulations of the host country.
  • Egyptian nationals seeking to acquire a foreign citizenship have to apply to the Egyptian consular mission to complete the required procedures whereby they receive the necessary authorization from the competent authorities in Egypt.


  • On the 01/03/2002 new entry regulations for German tourists coming in-groups or individually became effective, allowing them to enter Egypt with their identity cards. This regulation does not apply to business trips.
    Tourists coming to Egypt with their identity cards have to present a photo in order to get the entry visa on a separate card from the Egyptian authorities at their arrival. These new regulations do not mean cancellation of the visa requirement. Any traveler to Egypt still can get the visa from Egyptian diplomatic or consular missions abroad if he wishes so and presents his passport.
  • Non-Egyptian visitors arriving in Egypt are required to be in possession of a valid travel document (passport, identity card, children identity card until the age of 16 years). A remaining validity of 6 months is generally requested. But for German nationals a remaining validity of at least three months will be accepted. For most tourists and visitors it is possible to obtain an entry visa at any of the major ports of entry. Please check with the nearest Egyptian consulate for specific details and regulations relevant to your nationality.
  • To apply for an entry visa in an Egyptian consulate the following documents have to be presented:
    - a valid travel document
    - a filled in visa-application form with one (1) photo
    - the visa fees in cash
    - a paid return envelope, in case the application has been sent by post
  • From now on Turkish tourists with a valid Turkish passport and valid residence permission in the Federal Republic of Germany for a minimum of six months can get the requested entry visa to Egypt at their arrival in the Egyptian airport or seaport. At the same time they may apply for the visa in any Egyptian consulate in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt/M. or Hamburg). It takes generally two or three days to issue the visa.
  • Nationals of East European states are from now on also exempted from the obligatory previous application for the visa in an Egyptian consulate. They can get the requested entry visa at their arrival in Egypt from the Egyptian passport- and visa-authorities paying the visa fees. To avoid waiting time they still may apply for the visa in advance in an Egyptian consulate.
    This exemption from the previous application for visa does not apply to nationals of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldava, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Usbekistan. Nationals of these states still have to apply for an entry visa previously in an Egyptian consulate.
  • Nationals of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina have to apply for the visa 2 to 3 weeks before their date of travel. They need previous approval from the Egyptian authorities in Cairo before issuing their respective visas.
  • Visitors entering at the overland border point at Taba to visit the Gulf of Aqaba coast and St. Catharine can be exempted from entry visa and granted a free residence permit for (14) days to visit the area with the exception of nationals from countries which need a previous approval before going to Egypt. For detailed information about the list of those countries please contact the nearest Egyptian Consulate.
  • Foreign nationals in possession of a residence permit in Egypt are not required to obtain an entry visa if they leave the country and return to it within the validity of their residence permit or within six month, whichever period is less.
  • Egyptian visa fees do not apply to the following categories (upon receiving an official note from the relevant institution):
    1. Holders of diplomatic passports
    2. Officials of international organizations
    3. Members of official delegations
    4. Foreign spouses and children of Egyptian nationals
  • Foreigners arriving in Egypt on board of ships are granted a permission to visit the country for 24 hours and catch their ship at the same port. They may also be granted a permission to enter for a visit not exceeding a period of three days before catching their ship at the port of arrival or at any other port.
  • Air passengers transiting in Egyptian airports are allowed entry for a short trip not exceeding the period of 24 hours. In the event of emergency landing, passengers are entitled to enter Egypt for a period of 24 hours (in case of poor weather condition) and 48 hours (in case of technical faults to the aircraft).

Residence in Egypt:

  • Egypt grants legitimate foreign nationals the right for temporary residence in the country. Ordinary residence is granted for a period of either 3 or 5 years (renewable).
  • Special residence is usually granted for a period of 10 years (renewable) to those born in Egypt prior to 26/05/1952 or those having resided in the country for the 20 years preceding that date, and whose stay has been uninterrupted. It is also granted to their wives and minor children.


  • The foreigners section at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo receives and examines petitions filed by non-nationals against Egyptian nationals before Egypt’s consular missions overseas and foreign embassies and consulates in Egypt. The petitions are investigated and the outcomes forwarded to the plaintiff.